Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wedding Cake Tasting at Alphorn Bakery ! The Real Deal !

Wedding cake tasting is one of the most special moments during the wedding planning. Who doesn't love to try cake? The Wedding Cake is a very symbolic moment reflecting you and your fiancee's tastes and style of your wedding. While it may seem like fun there are some tips to help enhance your experience: 

On the day of your tasting appointment, try to eat a light and small meal as you will be tasting a lot of sweet and creamy treats. Take a pen and a piece of paper with you to record what flavors you both have liked or disliked. If you are deciding to be extra organized, some couples like to take a camera with them to take pictures for a more vivid reminder later of each filling.

As a planner we really enjoy accompanying our clients to their cake tasting. We love incorporating details from our Bride's dress and invitations for a beautiful and original design. We recently had a wonderful experience at a cake tasting for our clients Sarah and Mike at Alphorn Bakery. Our clients did it right, bringing a bottle of bubbly to cleanse their palates between bites.  It is great to encounter bakers that have passion and perfection for what they do such as chef Peter.

Alphorn Bakery's cakes are considered to be the ultimate finale for elegant occasions, consisting of multiple layers of moist, European-style cakes alternating with luxurious butter cream, mousse, fresh fruit or liqueur fillings of your choice. For your own consultation and private tasting, please call  for an appointment and view Alphorn Bakery’s unique wedding and groom’s cake designs at www.WeddingCakesHouston.com

Alphorn Bakery
1100 West Dallas - Houston, TX 77019
(713) 650-3262

Happy Planning ! 

Jessica Zapatero
Green Lily Events

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