Monday, September 28, 2009

Green is the new black

When I lived in New York City, I worked as a cater waiter serving all sorts of fabulous parties around Manhattan. It was all so dazzling at first, and the best part was I got tons of free food! But with each event I became more disgusted with the ungodly amounts of waste. So many beautiful flowers, delicious foods, and small details, all leftover at the end of the night, all thrown into the trash. If you've never worked an event behind the scenes, you would die to see how much waste there is.

On your wedding day, you feel so much happiness and joy. But how amazingly fabulous would you feel if you knew all the beautiful arrangements you planned with such care did more than just get trashed at the end of the day? You would feel like a green goddess, I can assure you!

Green Lily Events practices eco-friendly methods as a standard for all their exquisite events. We offer extensive recycling programs for all disposable materials used, can arrange to have your flowers donated to a local senior center where the residents just love them, and box up leftover food for donation. We can also direct you to eco-friendly options in your planning, such as recycled paper stationary, organic linens, and other sustainable resources to lower your wedding's impact on the planet.

With so many weddings and so much waste, why be a number? Green Lily Brides stand out as exceptional women who make responsible choices to be gorgeously green on the most important day!


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