Saturday, October 3, 2009

Concord: not just a grape

No doubt, purple has stepped on the scene as the hot new wedding color. I've seen bridesmaids donning purple (and looking amazing) in the last two weddings I've been to. But not just any shade of purple. A very deep shade of purple more vibrant than aubergine and richer than violet. It's concord. I hate to get all picky on the details, but when it comes to the hot new color that everyone looks fabulously flattering in, it's not just purple. It's concord! I love visiting search concord, and see not only a fantastic array of bridesmaid dresses, but accessories for both men and women to have your whole wedding party looking deliciously coordinated.

This color has a royal connotation, so to run with the luxury of this shade have a classic wedding with mostly ivory details and just pops of purple. I have to insert a few pictures from my own wedding here. Yes, I am biased. I used concord and ivory for my own wedding colors. Write what you know, right? I humbly report that the effect was stunning. For an edgier look, pair concord with primary orange and yellow in graphic details. For a boho-chic affair, concord pairs romantically with lighter shades of lilac and violet. Shades of the same color always go well with one another and make a dynamic, gradient effect.

Props to my florist, Rebekah Graves from Dream Bouquet, for introducing me to an awesome calla lily called the Picasso: looks like a white calla lily from the outside, but is blushing the perfect shade of purple on the inside. A must-have for the purple-hazed bride. I prefer Picasso calla lilies to purple calla lilies, which can often be so dark they appear black.


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