Sunday, October 11, 2009

First Step

Congratulations! You found love and had that love returned and now you're engaged to be married! Next step: wedding day....right? Well, yes, that's right, but there are a few steps between now and then. A dear friend of mine is engaged right now and she asked me the other day "where do I start?" She already has the venue, the date, the photographer and the dj; some important check list items you would think would have her feeling almost done. So why does she feel like she's barely started?

Because of the details. Details are what transform your wedding from an event into an experience. A statement, an expression, a unique punctuation impressing guests with an unforgettable memory. But where to begin? Colors? Flowers? Dresses? Cake? Favors?

Start with stationary. Most brides have some sort of a vision on how they would like their wedding day to look and feel. My solution on the best way to translate these dreams into reality is paper. Paper will seal the deal on your wedding day when you sign that marriage license and it is paper that will get you started in the right direction on all the many details.

Go to a local paperie, tell an associate you'd like to look through their books of wedding invitations, and then take your time. Take hours, days, even weeks! These shops have tons of books and plenty of tables and chairs for you to browse at your leisure. Look at every kind of invitation imaginable. They come in all different styles and colors and there is
every kind of font and motif imaginable. You will come across things you've never seen before and you may be surprised at what you like. Once you decide on an invitation that speaks to you, it will keep all other details in line with a cohesive style.

An alternative first step is to hire an event planner! Let us worry about sifting through the endless options to orchestrate one perfectly coordinated affair that frees you up to enjoy your engagement.


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