Thursday, October 15, 2009

Making a Positive Imprint

So one of my associates at Green Lily, Lauren Ballas, is an amazing LEED AP designer who introduced me to this gorgeously green project. Flower Imprints; an eco-friendly solution to preserving your wedding flowers. So easy, so chic, and absolutely fabulous!

What you'll need:
Cut flowers from a bouquet or centerpiece
Cloth or recycled paper
(The project pictured here re-used paper from wrapping in a package!)
Wax paper

Instructions via Lauren:
Take cloth or recycled paper and lay on tile or concrete flooring (don’t put on table or countertop as it may ruin these surfaces)…
Take cut flowers (make sure they are colorful enough to make a print on the surface) fan out and place them face down on the cloth/paper
Place a sheet of wax paper that is big enough to fit over the flowers
Gently hammer the petals and then the center of the flower
Remove wax paper and remnants of the flowers stuck to the cloth/paper
You should end up with a print of the flower
Check out these gorgeous results:

What to do with your imprinted material? Cut a square and put in a frame as a keepsake. Try framing four pieces in different sizes or shapes for a focal wall. Or you could wrap thank you gifts for your family and friends in this commemorative material.

Thanks to Lauren for this wonderful idea. Stay tuned for more amazing design tips from Green Lily Girls.


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