Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Puppy Love

Your wedding day should be shared with your closest loved ones. For more and more couples, that's including their canine companions. If you love your dog like they're your baby, and they are relatively well behaved, you shouldn't hesitate to include them in your special day. For an outdoor wedding you can dress your dog in a special collar of fresh flowers or a bow tie and have them walk down the aisle as a part of the ceremony. If you're having a church wedding, have your pup on a leash with a greeter outside the chapel doors as a welcome service.

Check out these happy couples who used collar ties and bow-ties from Designer Duds for Dogs to dress up their best friends for their big day.  Check out all the other cute accessories they have for your pup at www.designerdudsfordogs.com


Anonymous said...

I love that more people are including their pets in their weddings! I would have loved to have that memory with my sweet puppy. But I do agree that the animal should be well behaved :-) I checked out the www.designerdudsfordogs.com website and they have great ideas! There really are so many choices! great find.

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