Sunday, October 4, 2009

Romantic Up-Do

This is my favorite up-do from this year's red carpet: Christina Applegate at the SAG awards. I think it translates to the perfect hairstyle for the romantic bride. You get all the whimsical aesthetic of a loose curl all-down style with the elegance of an up-do. This gorgeous up-do is classic and leaves your neckline exposed for showcasing chandelier earrings, an heirloom necklace, or that gorgeous neckline on your wedding gown. TIP: when taking pictures to a hairstylist, you will always get closer results to what you want if you bring a front, side, and back view of the style.


Anonymous said...

Yes! I love romantic up-does. This is very elegant and sweet. It is the perfect choice for any bride with any type of hair. It wont distract from the gown or bride. Great choice!!

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