Monday, November 30, 2009

Pomanders: Precious vs Posh

Pomander balls are a popular (and smart!) option for flower girls to carry down the aisle. Baskets can be awkward for a small child to carry and many indoor venues won't even allow anything to be tossed down the aisle for safety reasons or care of the facility. Pomanders give you a 360 display of all those pretty buds in one precious package that's easily transportable for the most rambunctious of little girls. Yes, sweet as they may be, most every flower girl is also a bored little kid dying to run around and play!

But have you ever considered using a pomander ball for your bridesmaids instead of traditional bouquets? Consider a collection of sophisticated blooms like peonies or exotic stems of dendrobium orchids. Ask your florist to size them larger and accent with crystals or a bracelet-like loop for a handle. Send your bridesmaids down the aisle solo with one hand on their hip, the other hand draped with the pomander ball. You'll have your ceremony looking more like a posh runway and your bridesmaids feeling fabulous.


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