Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sky Lanterns

 Looking for a fresh idea to add a "wow" factor to your ceremony or reception? Try sky lanterns! Safer than sparklers and so much more affordable than fireworks (appx $4/lantern), sky lanterns are the mini hot air balloons that are taking the european wedding market by storm. I predict we'll be seeing them as the hot new trend in America very soon...
Sky lanterns are made of non flammable bio degradable rice paper and have a special designed wick for burning. Once lit, the lantern rises into the sky until the wick burns out at which time the lantern floats harmlessly back to earth.

With the sun setting so early during the late-autumn and winter seasons, why not take advantage of early twilight with an unexpected and extraordinary sky lantern display. For lots of drama, outsource a professional company to release a display of sky lanterns in the distance, mimicking a fireworks show. For a more personal experience, provide each guest with a sky lantern of their own to release. You could do this at the close of an outdoor ceremony at sunset or invite your guests to step outside during an evening reception.

To be symbolic, I would suggest a bride and groom release just two during a private moment alone. What a wonderful memory and tribute to your future together as newlywed husband and wife.


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