Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Love

Red is the color of love and love is what a wedding is all about. What better colors to have than white to represent the beauty of a new beginning, brown to represent the start of a new season, and red for the passion of things to come. Great colors for a winter wedding are green and red, or white and silver. My favorite color is red so I wanted to create something that wasn't necessarily conventional but still illustrated a love two individuals have for each other. This is definitely a wedding scheme for no one other than a romantic. 

Red has such an intensity that it can easily over power anything, but by only using it subtly you can acquire the full scale of romance and charm. If you decide to use such a strong tone as red, then an ivory wedding dress is a must have. The combination of an ivory dress and a bouquet full of different red hues compliment each other wonderfully without taking over the bride. My inspiration for the center pieces was exactly what you see in winter. Everything is bear but it has a surreal beauty unlike any other season. Also, using the compilation of white linens allows you to have the perfect blend of everything that is romantic.

Wedding Coordinator


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