Sunday, February 14, 2010

Summer Wedding with a Watermelon Twist!

An outdoor summer wedding should be laid back, a ton of fun, and beautifully reflective of the season. A typical bride in this economy desires the wedding of her dreams without spending a lot of money. A backyard picnic-themed wedding set in the enjoyable summer season is just the answer!

What is a backyard picnic without watermelon? Not only is watermelon a refreshing treat to serve to your guests to beat the summer heat, it also provides the perfect color palette for your wedding. You can serve a fruity pink cocktail with a watermelon garnish or you can serve the champagne for your toast from a watermelon keg.

For the centerpieces, place your favorite pink and white, in-season flowers in vintage watering cans. You can spend a relaxing day with your fiancé bargain hunting for watering cans at local antique shops or borrow them from friends and family. Be green and save money by reusing glass jars as candle holders. Pair the country-style bouquet centerpieces with the candle jars to adorn your rustic tables. To create a truly magical wedding look, reuse glass jars as lanterns by placing candles inside the jars, tying wire around the tops, and hanging them from surrounding trees. 

Cut costs by having a simple meal like sandwiches, potato salad, and fruit catered by a local deli or prepared by someone close to you. Place all of the meals in picnic baskets with silverware and napkins, tie with ribbon, and let the guests keep the baskets as wedding favors. 

Personalize your wedding to your budget, your wants, and your needs. Don't become overly stressed about your wedding; it should be enjoyable and the beginning of a wonderful new chapter of your life. Whatever you are considering for your wedding, remember that it is your day and anything that you want is within reach. You might just need to get a little creative!

Sarah Chesley
Wedding Coordinator


Jess Ehlers said...

The colours in your latest inspiration boards make me smile...I am getting so excited for spring weddings!

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