Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Capturing Your Day in Creative Ways

Wedding days are filled with emotion, ranging from uncertainty and nervousness to pure joy and ecstasy. The creative photographer can find ways to capture each of these moments beautifully. Creative photos convey emotion and cause the viewer to smile, laugh, or even shed a tear as they recall these special moments.

Creativity also shows the level of commitment of a photographer to his or her craft and to your wedding. Creative photographers are engaged in their art and go far beyond the point-and-shoot approach. Creativity requires a photographer to get out of his or her comfort zone and do something different when the opportunity presents itself.

How can you assess whether a photographer is creative? Take a look at these areas:

• How do they manipulate light?
• How do they compose images?
• How do they photograph details?
• How well do they capture emotions?
• Is everything staged?

There is so much going on at a wedding emotionally, and this translates into a powerful story. The photographer must be alert and trained to anticipate these stories and capture them. Combining artful images creates a visual story of the wedding, and photos will allow a couple to endlessly revisit their wedding day.

Although couples should also consider the ethics, credibility, accolades, and integrity of a photographer, choosing one who creates beautiful, unique, and creative images will leave a bride and groom with photos they will be proud to display.

Photos courtesy of Owen Woghiren, Jr.


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