Sunday, August 8, 2010

No More Diva Dilemas with Clean Heels: High Heel Stoppers !

No More Diva Dilemas with Clean Heels: Announcing High Heel Stoppers !

When I received this email, with an introduction to this product, I thought-"WOW" ! This is really a showstopper. What creative genius thought of something such as protecting a girls most important posession- her shoes !

How many times have you been invited to a wedding or a special occassion where you sport your most special part of your ensemble only to have your heel cought in the crack of of stones or tiles or embedded deep in the dirt? Not to mention the uncomfortable feeling of wobbling your shoe out.

The ingenious inventor of Clean Heels/ Heel Stoppers is Ally Stevenson, a savvy fashionista that thought outside the box to bring us this very important accessory.

Her mission was to provide a product so that ladies no longer have a fashion dilemma while dressing for an outdoor event. High Heel Stoppers prevent even the thinnest heel from penetrating the lawn by providing a discreet platform that prevents sinking in grass or getting stuck in-between decking. No more sinking stilettos, no more ruined heels. The wide rubber base will keep you worry and damage free when walking on wooden floors or teak decks. No more dents and dings, no more walking barefoot in a cocktail dress while your gorgeous heels sit lonely and abandoned by the door. High Heel Stoppers even protects wood flooring from stiletto damage and have become wildly popular throughout the mega-yacht industry for protecting their luxurious flooring while keeping the Fabulous fashionable. To order your Clean Heels High Heel Stoppers please visit :
or email :
Happy Dressing !

Jessica Zapatero
Green Lily Events


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